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Power Generation from Biomass


Zuccato Energia ORC systems have found several applications in combination with a wide range of overheated water generation systems based on biomass combustion.

These systems usually operate one or more ORC modules using overheated water coming from a fixed- or mobile-grate boiler burning automatically-fed wooden biomass chips derived from sawmills, woodworking industry or the pruning of state or municipal woods.

Wooden biomass is not the only kind of combustible biomass: thanks to a fruitful collaboration with a leading Italian boiler manufacturer, Zuccato Energia has been able to solve the decades-old problem of poultry manure disposal in chicken farms.

Poultry manure - a mix of excrements, feathers and feed residues - can now be monetized by trasforming it into electricity thanks to a specialized movable-grate boiler equipped with a range of patented features for efficient combustion an pollutant reduction of this difficult fuel, coupled to an appropriately sized Zuccato Energia ORC module.

Zuccato Energia biomass plants - several of which have been up and running for years - are reliable, compact and affordable enough to be used even in small firms, monetising waste, simplifying waste disposal, and paying themselves back in a few years.

What is Biomass?

The term biomass indicates, in general, any renewable fuel having a biological origin - the classic example being wood.

Biomass - besides being a renewable resource - has the advantage of being CO2-neutral, as the carbon dioxide it releases when burning is the same that was captured by the biological entity from which it derives during its growth. For this reason regional and state laws often incentivate its use.

Incentivation, however, means that national and regional legislators often impose stringent and seemingly arbitrary definitions of what can and cannot be considered biomass. For this reason, it is important to know the normative framework in which the plant is going to operate when planning a new installation.

Zuccato energia can help you face these bureaucratic hurdles thanks to its extensive network of experienced partners

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