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What Is Green Energy?

Though you may have heard of green energy, you may not know too much about what it is and why it’s important. In the last twenty to thirty years, there has been a large focus on finding new ways to generate power and green energy is an idea that crops up time and time again.

Power Generation Using Natural Sources

Green energy is all about reducing the amount that we depend on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Though these work extremely well when it comes to power generation, you’re sure to know that supplies are falling. As we have no way of creating fossil fuels and they take millions of years to develop, they will eventually run out. This is why it’s vital that we find other energy sources for power generation. This is where green energy comes in. Green energy is all about using natural sources for power generation, rather than the fossil fuels that have been used for many years.

Green energy uses energy sources that are readily available throughout the world; this includes sunlight, rain, tides and wind. All of these energy sources are renewable and will replenish themselves, meaning there’s no worry of them eventually running out in the same way as fossil fuels. Therefore, power generation using green energy is something that we’re firmly in support of.

The Benefits of Green Energy

As well as offering a fantastic alternative to using diminishing fossil fuels, there are a number of other key benefits that come with using green energy. For example, these natural sources have a much smaller impact on the environment than fossil fuels. Whereas using fossil fuels creates harmful by-products and a negative impact on the environment, green energy sources do not. There’s no need to worry about mining or drilling, as natural sources for green energy are readily available. This also means that green energy sources are much easier to come across in rural areas and areas that are remote.

Power generation with green energy comes in all different shapes and sizes, with solar panels and wind turbines being the most popularly used methods. Eventually, it is hoped that green energy will completely replace fossil fuels in power generation.

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