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Turning Waste to Energy

A lot of people find themselves wondering if waste can be turned into energy, as it seems to be a method that makes a lot of sense. After all, waste would be discarded otherwise and therefore it may as well be used if possible. Luckily, it’s entirely possible to turn waste to energy and it is something that’s being worked on.

How Is Waste Turned to Energy?

One way of turning waste into energy is by burning solid waste, such as the waste that’s found in landfill sites. Instead of storing waste in a landfill site and leaving it, it’s possible to burn the waste; this turns it into chemical energy and thermal energy. The thermal energy that’s created can be turned into electrical energy, which can then be used in the same way that renewable sources and fossil fuels are used for electrical energy. Turning landfill waste to energy also creates methane gas as a by-product, which can then also be used as energy. As you can see, turning waste to energy is an entirely possible way to generate power.

Why Should We Turn Waste to Energy?

  • Landfill Site Usage is Greatly Reduced - Over time, landfill sites become full and then more need to be created. Not only does this use up valuable land, it also means that more landfill sites need to be managed. When a lot of the waste in a landfill site is turned into energy, this need is reduced. Using the waste frees up a lot of room, meaning that fewer and smaller landfill sites are needed.

  • It’s an Alternative to Fossil Fuels - As you may know, there are a number of negative side effects to using fossil fuels. This includes the fact that fossil fuels are eventually going to run out. However, when turning waste to energy, this isn’t a problem. As there will always be waste, there will always be the opportunity to turn it into energy. There’s less reliance of world’s diminishing fossil fuel reserves.

It’s easy to see why turning waste to energy is a popular method; it turns waste into a product that can be used, rather than simply seeing it take up room in landfill sites. Instead of relying on fossil fuels that take millions of years to develop, it’s possible to use waste that’s created each and every day.

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