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Facebook "LIKE" Renewables

Facebook has pledged to only use wind and solar to power its global operations by the year 2020 in an attempt to hugely reduce their carbon footprint!

The worlds largest social media site is driving forward a project to reduce its Co2 emissions at their energy intensive data centres .

Facebook has raised their ambition since hitting its own target of 50% renewable energy by the end of 2018 ( well done Facebook !! )

We can see why they are concentrating on its data centres , over 62% of Facebooks total energy usage was attributed to their power hungry centres , and concentrating on where the usage is most intensive is a smart move.

Rivals such as Google as already looking to match Facebooks pledge , being one of the founders of Renewable energy in Silicon Valley we expect great things also from Google.

There seems to be alot of negative press surrounding Facebook at the moment so its heartening to see them putting back into the communities where they are based.May it long continue

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