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In this page you will find a listing of generic layouts, i.e. example layouts for different types of ORC plants having the purpose of giving an idea of the plant dimensions. The plant layouts may be viewed on-screen or downloaded as PDF vector files which may either printed (on A3 format or larger paper) or examined and zoomed without quality loss by using any program which can read files in Portable Document (PDF) format, such as Adobe Reader™, which can be downloaded for free here).


175-kWE Biomass-fueled ORC plant

ORC Module Employed: standard ZE-175-LT
Application: Power generation from biomass
Thermal power input: 1280 kWt
Electric power output: 175 kWe
Hot Side: Boiler fuelled by tree pruning residues 
Cold Side: Evaporation Cooling Tower

plant 2.png

100-kWe Woodchip-fueled ORC Plant

ORC module employed: Customized ZE-100-LT
Application: Power generation from biomass
Thermal power input: 850 kWT
Electric power output: 100 kWe
Hot Side equipment: Boiler fueled by untreated wood chips
Cold Side equipment: Evaporative cooling tower

plant 3.png

140-kWe Poultry-Manure-Fueled ORC Plant

ORC Module Employed: Customized ZE-150-LT
Application : Power generation from biomass
Thermal Power input: ∼1000 kWe (nominal: 1100kWt)
Electric Power Output: ∼140 kWe(nominal: 150kWe)
Hot Side: Movable-grate boiler fueled by poultry manure
Cold Side: Dry Cooler

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