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This plant uses as fuel wood chips derived from virgin (i.e. untreated) waste wood from a sawmill. The ORC module and its control panels are hosted under a large lean-to (about 15 x 15 meters) which also hosts the main boiler serving the ORC and the chipping machine, as well as a small accessory boiler not connected to the ORC module. Fuel - scraps of wood and bark shredded into chips by a chipper machine - s instead hosted in a closed metal container about 15m long and 2.6m high located in the open beside the lean-to

The ORC module used here is a ZE-100-LT that has been slightly customised by modifying the control panel setup at the customer's request, and produces - in nominal conditions - 100 kW electric power when fed 850 kW of thermal power through the customary overheated (160°C) water loopused by all LT-Series modules. 

Cooling for the condensation stage is supplied by an evaporative cooling tower placed outside the lean-to.

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