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Below you will find a selection of our commercial documentation, that can be freely downloaded in PDF format by clicking the red "PDF" logo links below.
 NOTE: We are trying to do our best to make sure that the documents are up to date: it is however possible that more recent versions are available. So, we advise you to contact our commercial offices on 01335 372728 to make sure you get the most recent version ( Correct as of July 2018 ) 

Company Presentation Brochure


Company Presentation Brochure - Click to Download

A 20-page general presentation brochure,including concise technical specs for ULH, LT, CHP and ULH+ series ORC modules.

ORC Presentation Brochure


ZE ULH  (30/40/50) Brochure - Click to Download


ZE LT  (75/100/150/175 ) Brochure - Click to Download


ZE LT  (500 ) Brochure - Click to Download


ZE CHP (105/175 ) Brochure - Click to Download

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